Sunday, May 31, 2009

Parent Teacher Conference

Two set of people that make all the difference in the life of a child is parents and teacher. So it becomes quite natural to have a good relationship between parents and teachers. Healthy development of a child is very much dependent on equation between above mentioned persons. Logically speaking, parents are considered as first tutors of a kid whereas teachers further take the process ahead. Teachers not only contribute academically but also make a major contribution in child’s personality development. From a child’s point of view, the best case scenario is common goals shared by the parents and teachers.

Parent-teacher conference has become a common theme in many schools. This is a wonderful opportunity for both sides to take stock of the development process of the child and discuss the requisite steps. Through sharing of ideas and thoughts, a child can be well equipped with progressive tools. Parents must ask kids before going to the conference about any specific request or question. They should make the child feel comfortable regarding his school problems and situations.

Parents should be very forthcoming while meeting teachers. Every question should be asked openly. After all, it’s a matter of child’s future that is at stake. Accept child’s criticism and teachers’ opinion about the kid whether positive or negative. Emotions must be avoided while participating in such meetings. Parents must express admiration and appreciation to the teachers for the help accorded by them to the kid.