Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stammering Child

Stammering is not an unusual problem amongst kids. Many of the first born male children are victim of stammering problem. Scientifically speaking, it is a predominantly male problem. Almost 75-80% of the stammers are male and most of them have got this because of some sort of family history of stammering. On an average, it starts before the child reaches the age of five and most often than not, stammering reaches its peak in the age range of 10-18. Having said so, it requires immediate attention and parents should treat this issue with utmost priority.

So what exactly is stammering and does this occur every time a person speaks? Answer is No! when a kid stammers while speaking, he always knows what he wants to say but the speech process is not always a smooth flow of words that’s why many a times, stammers sing perfectly without any hem-haw because they know which word is coming next whereas in conversation they suffer through cessation of speech sound. Stammering affects a child more severely on the psychological level because of accumulated fears. Peer pressure also plays a role in robbing him of his confidence and shyness.

The problem with stammering is the fact that it’s not a disease and therefore no medications for it are available. It becomes a habit. The stammering child just has to unlearn stammering and needs to develop a new way of speech. The new way involves speech fluency building techniques. Many therapeutic techniques are available and parents must seek professional guidance to tackle this problem. Parents must encourage the child to face this problem and never hide it. That way, child will gain confidence even with problem and stammering gets much more improved when the kid is in a relaxed emotional state. Lesser stress means speaking with greater control and authority.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Pervasive Developmental Disorders is also known as PDD. Commonly found in many kids, this problem requires urgent attention. PDD is known to cause social functioning of child. Its basically a kind of disorder and the term refers to a complete category of disorder problems. It does not signify one particular disease as such. Many parents have spent numerous sleepless nights while wondering why their kids are not active socially. Or why they have problems in communication matters? PDD adversely affects a person’s socializations skills and communication skills. There are several disorders under the category of PDD, like childhood disintegrative disorder, autism, asperger syndrome or rett disorder etc. as many of us know, autism is a serious problem. However, it does not affect longetivity of the affected persons but yes, communication thing is greatly disordered.

Parents must keep a watch on their kids. PDD brings behavioral changes not physical ones. So symptoms could be, when child is found wanting is area of understanding language or his speech is not proper, when child is unable to relate to tasks, objects and even people, when child shows unusual behavior and is not able to adjust with new changes in his surroundings. This problem can be diagnosed in early childhood. But for that parents must not overlook particular symptoms in name of late blooming types of theories.

Unfortunately pervasive developmental disorder remains for the life and there is no completely curable remedy for this. But, there are several specialized therapy and medication available for behavioral effects. These therapies help in developing social skills. Parents must not feel disheartened because helps are available for this problem and child can still live a normal healthy life.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Single parenting

Parenting is a tough job. It’s a big responsibility for both parents. Now think of responsibility and pressure faced by a single parent. The status of single parent is a Herculean act to follow considering the amount of extra responsibilities and work load. Single parenting is often a result of death of the spouse or separation or divorce. But then, one can not shirk from responsibilities of parenting.

A single parent has to face several issues but al the issues have solutions. Take for example decision making problems. Several aspects concerning the kid need to be decided including his or her education, accommodation, hostel or traveling. A single parent must try to open his/her heart to trusted relatives while taking such decisions. Several worthwhile suggestions will come forth. Talking to separated spouse will also go a long way in solving such issues. A single parent also needs to take decision regarding emotional and physical needs of the kids. The parent must be willing to shoulder this huge responsibility with optimism and courage. Issues can range from school work, peer group, hygiene issues to punctuality and discipline. One way of sharing this responsibility is by talking to close trusted persons including grandparents or even maid servant. Think of the child’s bright future and parent will never find this responsibility cumbersome.

A single parent should also try to present a happy appearance to his/her kids. There should not be any hint of past bitterness or anger or frustration because that’s definite going to affect children adversely. Try to make a friendly relationship with kids. Also prepare yourself for social stigma of single parent status and give special care to your own health.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kids and Junk Food

With the changing times, our food habits have also changed. Gone are the days of healthy nutritious food. We have a new favorite and that is junk food. The hustle bustle of life has made us focus on junk foods. Junk food is defined as anything which is tasty, fashionable, quick and convenient. The craze of junk food is common across all the genders and age. Junk food like pizzas, wafers and colas are engulfing our lives in a negative way. Most of the hard core junk food addicts are not realizing negative side of junk foods. Children have also been affected greatly from this craze. It’s common to see kids munching upon colas and wafers. New age kids are so fond of junk foods that even parents are succumbing to their taste buds.

Children must be made aware of healthy food and eating habits. They should also know harmful side effects of junk food. Junk foods are known to cause several diseases like obesity, clogging of arteries by the age of 30 and it also increases the chances of breast and prostrate cancer. Hypertension and osteoporosis are also known to be result of bad eating habits of childhood. Ignoring proper diet and relying more upon junk foods can also cause decaying new teeth, debilitating disease, slow growth and infirmity which can wreck havoc in lives of kids when they grow old. The reason being, these junk foods consist of inedible colors which can cause hyperactivity and learning disabilities.

Junk foods have managed to replace regular diets. It’s upon parents to instill good fooding habits in their kids’ right from the beginning. During the process, children should also be made to understand the importance of Healthy Indian recipes and eating together with balanced mixture of diet.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Parenting : Fundamental Guidelines

While parenting was never considered as an easy job, but following few fundamental guidelines always help a great deal in handling kids. A child needs to be handled with a mix of care, caution and essentially discipline. Sense of discipline must be instilled in a child right from the beginning. This will go a long way in shaping his future life. Few guidelines are;

Keep a strict check on television watching and recreation time. Children's company must also be thoroughly watched.

Children learn by their mistakes so allow them to grow and learn through the route of mistakes.

Expressing your love is equally important than loving someone. When parents express their love in form of hug and peck, it makes kids feel special.

It always pays to keep alcohol and drugs away from the house,. Children feel curious about these things and parents should either restrain from taking these or must keep them in moderation.

Always, always believe in your children and teach them to believe in themselves as well.

It is said that a child is the father of man. Humor aside, conversating properly with your children can teach a great deal. So, go ahead, have a chit-chat with your little angels.

Nothing is more pleasurable than maintaining a happy and loving home environment. Remember, a smile and love is always infectious.

Children always love to have company of their parents so it is only natural to give them a lot of your time to kids both quality and quantity.

Laughter and more so humor goes together well in strengthening the bond between parents and kids.

Always try to communicate gently. However, your communication should also be firm and clear.

Teach your kids importance of courage and dreams.