Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Pervasive Developmental Disorders is also known as PDD. Commonly found in many kids, this problem requires urgent attention. PDD is known to cause social functioning of child. Its basically a kind of disorder and the term refers to a complete category of disorder problems. It does not signify one particular disease as such. Many parents have spent numerous sleepless nights while wondering why their kids are not active socially. Or why they have problems in communication matters? PDD adversely affects a person’s socializations skills and communication skills. There are several disorders under the category of PDD, like childhood disintegrative disorder, autism, asperger syndrome or rett disorder etc. as many of us know, autism is a serious problem. However, it does not affect longetivity of the affected persons but yes, communication thing is greatly disordered.

Parents must keep a watch on their kids. PDD brings behavioral changes not physical ones. So symptoms could be, when child is found wanting is area of understanding language or his speech is not proper, when child is unable to relate to tasks, objects and even people, when child shows unusual behavior and is not able to adjust with new changes in his surroundings. This problem can be diagnosed in early childhood. But for that parents must not overlook particular symptoms in name of late blooming types of theories.

Unfortunately pervasive developmental disorder remains for the life and there is no completely curable remedy for this. But, there are several specialized therapy and medication available for behavioral effects. These therapies help in developing social skills. Parents must not feel disheartened because helps are available for this problem and child can still live a normal healthy life.

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