Friday, December 18, 2009

Toddler Discipline

It is always a proud moment for parents to hold their beautiful baby in their hands. What a joy it gives! Children are no doubt, little wonders of nature. Your child makes you complete. Everything about them is fascinating and touches your heart. Right from that innocent smile, incredulous eyes to cute voice, they surely win us over. We all like to see our kids grow in full might. They must get all the happiness of the world and they be successful. That’s what we wish for the kids. But parents need to create the foundation for the future well fare of the kids. A child must be given right platform to grow on mental, psychological and physical levels. Successes of life require discipline. It is an important parental job to lay the foundation stone of discipline for toddlers.

The most important thing is the art of saying no to the kids. Parents who say yes to kids tend to suffer more when children grow up. This habit will instill discipline in kids and will make them aware about their limitations. It should be done gently and firmly without using any violence. Most of the parents can’t see their kids in any sort of inconvenience and discomfort. That is quite natural. But at the same time, make him aware of his responsibilities. Don’t give into his all his unfair demands. Children often do irritating activities. In such cases, it is best to ignore them. Try to distract them from unwisely actions. Prevention is always better than cure. Start discipline methods from early age and your kid will do just fine. Finally try to be consistent in your behaviour.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Managing A Rebellious Child

Parenting is a tough job and you know it very well. Parenting is a lot about responsibilities, challenges and trials. Children on their part are simply children. Some of them are quite obedient and some other well, defiant. Call them children with rebellious streak and they cause lots of problems for the parents. Different parents adopt different measures to handle such problems. Unruly kids are hard to control and manage. These kids are quite aggressive and behave as per their whims and fancies. Rebellious children don’t like to follow orders and give hard time to their parents.

Talking about defiant children, they are not an uncommon sight. Parents need to adopt right methods to handle such children. Resorting to high handedness will not fetch rich dividends. Parents need to be very patient while dealing with such child. They should try to know why kid is behaving in a certain way. What is the reason that’s causing their kid to be aggressive? It could be either because of bad company, fear of punishment or expectations of some favors. There is no point shouting on the child if he is misbehaving or refusing to obey. Children learn a lot from their parents so parents need to be rightful in their behavior as well.

Put down rules and regulations for your child. Also express your decision about how you will be handling his wrong behavior. Do not ignore his behavioral traits. Be very consistent in your behavior. Try to implement discipline factor in the household. Try to know what is going through his mind. Listen to him very carefully.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Activities for Autistic Children

Autistic children face a lot of problems in social skills activities. Unlike normal children, they face problems in acquiring the natural ability to interact and communicate with others that other children possess. To teach social activity skills, parents need to go for deliberate treatments and interventions. Don’t try to take all the essential steps in one go. Parents should rather focus on dividing these steps into small ones that become much more achievable that way. Patience is the key word here that parents must possess while dealing with autistic children. It is known fact that autistic children don’t respond positively to coercion.

One of the best tools for imparting social skills in autistic children is by telling them stories. By telling stories that relate to a specific kind of instruction, children are better prepared to learn communication abilities. This approach is quite successful as it focuses upon the process of child using his own skills and strengths.

The other set of activities is relational activities that refer to reinforcement of object permanence in autistic kids. This way, autistic child learns to reference other people's faces. Some of the activities that parents can opt for are, reading, modeling, board games, face games, musical instruments etc. these are interactive activities. These activities teach child listening skills, visual stimulation and other different skills.

Autistic children must be brought in touch with other children so that they learn to develop some communication abilities. Just simple childhood games will serve the purpose.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coping with Exam Stress

Exam time is a big issue for child as well as for parents. Exam is often accompanied by anxiety and stress. Add to that peer and parental pressure and loads of expectations and the innocent child finds himself surrounded by stress and tension. Parents must take extra care while a child goes through the examination process. It is always hard to prepare so much within a short span of time. Pressure keeps building up and child falls victim to exam fever.

So what are the responsibilities of parents? Parents should make sure child does not get distracted. A kid tends to get easily distracted. Losing focus can be disastrous for his exam preparation and ultimately for his self-confidence. Priorities must be clear and it is the job of parents to help the child in this aspect. They should make sure distractions like TV, guests or tiffs must be avoided or kept minimal.

Child’s sleeping cycle must be proper. Without adequate sleep he will always feel lethargic and won’t be able to give his 100 percent. Taking proper sleep is absolutely necessary and parents should ensure that he follows a definite routine. Proper sleep will also ensure he will be having good retention power. All the hard work will come to a naught if sleep cycle is disturbed.

Provide your child with balanced and nutritious diet. Don’t allow him to skip food. Fresh fruits, juices and pulses etc are must for child during exam time. If he eats well and sleeps well, there won’t be much reason of anxiety and pressure. Finally make him work accordingly. Cheer him up and he is sure to come up with flying colors.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sponge Bath for Babies

It must have been the best feeling you ever had; holding your bundle of joy in your hand. After all the troubles of pregnancy and obviously difficult delivery, finally you are blessed with a baby and no feeling can ever beat that. A baby so delicate that mother often feels scared of her vulnerability. In such condition, giving baby a bath poses some questions. But a baby being a baby does not need to be bathed on a regular basis and no better way than giving her a sponge bath. Ideally, a baby must be given sponge bath twice a week. The purpose is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene factor.

Mothers are bound to face problems initially but sooner or later, they will adjust to it and will effectively learn how to give baby a sponge bath. Start with turning off all the fans and air conditioner because a baby with bare body will require heat. Don’t take much time while giving baby the bath. Keep all the required things near to you including baby shampoo, baby towel, sponge, warm water and washcloth. Don’t forget to keep diaper and clothes nearby. The temperature of water should be slightly warm and make sure to check it before you start the bathing action. Don’t expose all the body parts of the baby and keep other parts covered with towel. Don’t take too much time and finish the work as soon as possible. Don’t put pressure on any body part and don’t apply too much soap. Do everything gently and now cuddle up your fresh baby.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sprouts in Your Child’s Diet

One of the nutritional food items is sprouts. According to scientists, sprout is one of the perfect foods for any individual. It is not only healthy but nutritional also. Sprouts contain axinon that is extremely beneficial for human body. There are several reasons why one should munch sprouted beans and seeds. The common factor is nutritional value of sprouts. But a less known fact is nutritional value of sprout is many times higher than the nutrition value of the original beans and seeds from which they sprout. Surprisingly, dried peas contain no Vitamin C but when they are sprouted they are known to provide more Vitamin C per ounce than a fresh orange! Isn’t that astonishing? Sprouts have better nutritional and health value than cooked foods and they also help in preventing several ailments.

Sprouts are quite easy to prepare. All you need to do is to soak the beans overnight or for a couple of days and that’s it. You don’t need any other thing for preparing sprouts. They contain anti-carcinogenic properties and are considered extremely potent cancer-fighting properties. Sprouts are available all over the world and there is no big fuss about their availability. One can also cook them with his own set of spices.

Sprouts are quite cost efficient and come very easy on your pockets. They are must for your growing kids as they will have more Vitamin C, Protein and B-complex. Kids must be fed sprouts on a regular basis. It will help in boosting their immunity and their health as well. Parents must ensure to incorporate sprouts in the child’s diet.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Making Teeth-Brushing a Habit

We all know the importance teeth in our lives. They are a precious part of our body and demand daily attention. One just cannot afford to give teeth a miss and continue with the life. Daily teeth’s cleaning is a must if one wants to live a healthy and happy life. In absence of proper teeth care regimen, one can have problems like cavity, yellaowing teeth and bad breath. On one hand these problems are totally unhygienic and secondly they don’t really add to your personality. Add to that the huge dentist bills and you will know the consequences of not caring for your teeth.

Adults can understand these factors but try explaining these to kids and you are going to have a tough time ahead. Parents must strive to instill teeth brushing routine in the child. They should not be careless about this habit and must stick to their guns. Start with making a certain time routine in morning and evening when the child will have to brush his teeth. Make sure to choose a comfortable time and not when he is tired. Additionally, you can do it together and sing some song. Try making this an enjoyable experience for him and not a cumbersome routine.

Buy your child a nice colorful toothbrush. You can also get a toothbrush holder that comes available with a cartoon character. Try to maintain your composure and just be persistent. Offer him some incentives for brushing teeth properly. Over all, use love and care and feel the difference.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Foster Parenting

Foster parenting is quite tough considering the circumstances surrounding it. It is challenging but noble as well. Foster parenting is a way to face new challenges and find rewards in it. Parenting has always remained a difficult but satisfying task. But compared to biological parents, foster parents face extra pressure and need to be at their best while handling kids. Foster kids are often abandoned or have unpleasant history and that is the reason why they face initial problems in trusting people. These kids are also quite vulnerable. Foster parents need to be very careful. They also have to provide safe anchorage to the child.

One of the basic criteria for foster parents is to spend quality time with the child. The time well spent goes a long way in establishing connectivity and increases closeness. Deeper the bond, easier it becomes for the child to trust and share his feelings. Even small things like completing household chores together or working in the lawn can cultivate closeness. Kids will grow in a better way if there is no unnecessary usage of authority. Don’t force your decision. Let the trust be built initially and if you want them to follow you it should be done in loving tone. Exhibiting excessive authority will result in revolt or even lifelong repulse towards the parents.

Foster parents need to follow child’s development very closely. That will help in understanding his needs and requirements. The best way is to find out the gap and fill the void created by previous parents. Parents should also try to have open discussion with the child. Good conversation helps in bridging the gap and established wonderful relationship.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Effect Of Boarding School On Children

Many parents prefer to send their kids to boarding schools. Also known as residential schools, these are educational institutions where students live with their fellow students and teachers. Boarding schools have its own advantages and disadvantages. It is the responsibility of the school to provide accommodation facilities and food to the students. There are two different schools of thoughts about importance of boarding schools. Many parents find it essential to develop confidence and attitude in the kids. Whereas some other parents feel, children are being robbed of affectionate touch of their families. On one hand there are few advantages like children to live on their own. Apart from developing sense of discipline, students also learn to follow a schedule. Children start following a routine like sleeping time, eating time and exercising. Responsibility is one another crucial factor here. Children realize they are responsible for their acts and should not depend on others.

There are some downsides as well. One of them is lack of protection shield from family. Children are also likely to feet detached from family ties. They are also prone to bad habits like smoking or drinking or stealing. Weakening ties with family is another strong possibility. Children are also devoided of family values, so important to build a child’s character. Freedom can also be misused by the kids. These are few factors one needs to consider while deciding upon boarding schools. It can work both ways but yes, parents are always able to handle this conundrum.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Parent Teacher Conference

Two set of people that make all the difference in the life of a child is parents and teacher. So it becomes quite natural to have a good relationship between parents and teachers. Healthy development of a child is very much dependent on equation between above mentioned persons. Logically speaking, parents are considered as first tutors of a kid whereas teachers further take the process ahead. Teachers not only contribute academically but also make a major contribution in child’s personality development. From a child’s point of view, the best case scenario is common goals shared by the parents and teachers.

Parent-teacher conference has become a common theme in many schools. This is a wonderful opportunity for both sides to take stock of the development process of the child and discuss the requisite steps. Through sharing of ideas and thoughts, a child can be well equipped with progressive tools. Parents must ask kids before going to the conference about any specific request or question. They should make the child feel comfortable regarding his school problems and situations.

Parents should be very forthcoming while meeting teachers. Every question should be asked openly. After all, it’s a matter of child’s future that is at stake. Accept child’s criticism and teachers’ opinion about the kid whether positive or negative. Emotions must be avoided while participating in such meetings. Parents must express admiration and appreciation to the teachers for the help accorded by them to the kid.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Teenage Activities

Teenage is often associated with trouble. The restlessness in your teenage child can cause several unpleasant developments. It is believed that teenagers require utmost care and concern in this particular phase. They say, an empty mind is devil’s workshop. Chances of your teenager having an empty mind during summer vacation are quite high. They have this tendency of getting bored quite easily. So what is the way out?

There are lots of things that can be done and arranged for summer vacation so that teenagers don’t get bored and find an enjoyable mode of recreation. Let’s take a list of fun things that can be done during summer holidays. How about joining a part time job and making some bucks? Well, this way teenager will get an idea of real world and how earning money is a hard job.
Parents can arrange a visit to old age home for their teenagers where the new generation can interact with senior citizens and acquire few unknown insights about life. Joining a summer camp is another wonderful idea because that way they can make lot of new friends. Joining a new hobby course like skating, painting or chess etc will add few dimensions to teenager’s personality.
How about going on a picnic with friends? Surely a fun-filled idea. Watching latest movie or planning a pajama party can be another wonderful idea. A teenager can also join a library or make a collage or can start collecting new items. There are several such ideas for teenagers that can be arranged by the parents.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Importance of Education in Your daughter’s Life

As discussed in previous post, studies are single most important factor in your daughter’s life. Once you have initiated her into studies make sure to encourage her every now and then. Teach her the importance of financial independence. It would be a wonderful idea to discuss different career options with your daughter. Take care of her liking, disliking and academic inclinations. If needed consult a counselor if she is not sure about what she wants to become in life. This must be done when she is around 14 years of age. It is very important to know what she wants to become when she grows up. Having a career is almost like a having a purpose and a source of fulfillment so encourage her to have a career choice.

Often we look upto a certain individual during the times of distress and hopelessness. That individual is called as a role model who can guide us and inspire us. We all have a role model. These role models not only guide you but also act as a tremendous source of inspiration. Talk about Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa or even Oprah Winfrey, they all command awe, inspiration and complete respect. Why I am talking about a role model is because chances of your daughter doing better becomes brighter if she has a role model. The role model could be from any field and from any era but having one will make a lot of difference. It has been said that educating a female equals to teaching the next generation so make sure to provide best of everything to your lovely daughter.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Parents’ Responsibility towards Daughter

Having a daughter is great blessing as well as a matter of concern for many parents. Daughters are always considered as a great responsibility. Though, the situation has improved a lot in urban parts of India but a lot needs to be done to improve the current situation. Talking about daughters parents have a great role to play in their development. Many households still don’t give that importance to the study of daughters thinking that no matter what they study, once they are married their husband will take care of them. Yes, this might come true and many girls manage to find such husbands who will always cherish the relationship and love her immensely but what if dreams don’t come true.

No matter how much parents feel protective about their daughters, the future holds no promises. Parents can not protect their daughters for the rest of their lives so it’s better to make them strong and courageous. Daughters should be given strength and taught how to overcome all the obstacles in the journey of life. The basic of this lesson should start with education. Providing their daughters with best possible education should be the most important priority of any parents. Never ever assume that the knowledge she has acquired after years of schooling and college will go waste after her marriage. Having a sound knowledge and proper degree always act as a strong back up. So studies should always be given top most priority in your daughter’s life.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Fear of Strangers

Many babies are introvert by nature whereas few others are not really shy of mingling with strangers. That’s one sign of a baby’s temperament. It is said that when a baby reaches age of 4 months, he or she begins to read people’s behavior and faces. Based on that they decide whether a stranger can be trusted or not. Many shy kids feel anxious and awkward when they see a stranger. Knowing this fact, parents should not worry about this process because it shows signs of development. It can also be understood that an anxious baby will be closer to his parents.

Kids have this amazing ability to feel what one is feeling and they are very good at mimicking one’s actions as well. If parents are reacting nicely to a stranger or welcoming him with pleasant smile then the baby is also likely to follow these traits. Parents can do their bit by telling the strangers about the shyness and anxiety of babies so that others could be more understanding of the situation.

Parents can also ask strangers about baby’s nature and ask others to give him more time so that in time, baby will start feeling more comfortable. Strangers like grandparents or other family members who are meeting the baby for the first time can gift the baby his/her favorite toy or play with things that he prefers. That way, baby will start believing in shared self-interests and will be trusting strangers soon enough. With the passage of time, baby will be quite comfortable with others and gain her own personality.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mother’s recipes for children

Why is it that we Indians lure for that special ‘maa ke haath ka khana’? It is because of the love that mothers add to the dish. Mothers’ recipes offer a great variety of tastes and flavors. Indian recipes have an incredible array of fresh vegetable good for children. Indian recipes involve ingredients that are good for your child’s health. However, traditional Indian vegetarian recipes sometimes require too much oil, butter or ghee which can be a cause of obesity in young children.

Indian food is usually full of spices, herbs and flavors. Tasty, easy and nutritious Indian vegetarian recipes can surely offer one lip smacking variety of dishes. Chutneys, pickles, and other snacking item are surely very delicious to ones taste buds. But along with that let children also have important nutritious food like fruits and nuts. South Indian recipes like idlis and dosas are not that spicy but as one moves towards the north, the food tends to get spicier. Children should be made to taste all kinds of cuisines.

Milk and milk products like paneer (cottage cheese), curds and buttermilk are also an integral part in the Indian recipes and this are great for children because it helps them in their growth. Indian dishes surely make children’s mouth watery with its authentic and scrumptious recipes. Truly, there is no better food than eating what mother prepares for her children. It is one of the best joys that you can have as a child.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Harmful toys

As parents you may be aware there some of the toys that are made of plastic/fur can be harmful for your children and in extreme cases can lead to choking. Always look for toys that have the safety symbol and check the plastic content in it. You may take the help of the sales staff.

There are many toys that have lead in it. It is harmful when children are exposed to lead and it is reported that nearly four million toys had lead content in them! Though there are strong measures that are now being adopted against toy manufactures, as parents try and avoid toys that you feel may have lead content in them.

Teddy bears and dogs are surely cute but the fur that is used in these toys can suffocate you kids. Avoid letting your child play with these toys for long hours. Also be careful about the loose parts that can easily come out of the dolls and the cars and be careful that your children do not put those things in mouth.

Also be careful of toys that have long strings or ropes because these toys pose the risk of the child strangulating himself or his friends. Such toys should be totally avoided especially if your child is a toddler.

In case your child is into reading books or seeing pictures in different books, make sure that the sharp edges of the books do not harm your child.

Also, the new trend is to give mobiles to children so that they can play with it and remain silent for hours. Not only are you risking the baby but the mobile as well!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Developing Reading Habit in Your Child

Those parents with good collection of books should always go for a small library at home. Make a book shelf and arrange it properly. Developing the habit of reading in kids will take a thorough approach on your behalf. Try starting with making this habit as a part of your routine. For that, you can always keep aside some time when you sit down with your child and try to explore stories in the book. If your child loves bedtime stories, then nothing like that. Hand him/her the book and try to teach them about how to turn the page. Also while telling a story, make sure to present all the colorful images from the story given in the book. Make sure to spell out words clearly and correctly. Also, never go too fast. Keep it slow and tell the child, meaning of the words he does not understands. This will keep him interested and will also enhance the vocabulary.

Always try to accompany your child during reading session. Correct his mistakes but be very very patient. One of the best ways to make your kid interested in reading is by bringing home books with fantasies stories. Kids just love fantasy stories. Try reading along with the kid and narrate the story. Always encourage child to develop his own style of narration. Never try to impose your preferred style. You can also use audio books. Along with the book reading session, play the audio version and make sure to help the child in reading in sync with spoken words. Following all these steps will surely make your child a better reader and this habit is going to stay with him for the rest of his life.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Importance of Reading

We all are aware of importance of reading as a hobby as well as habit. Reading is one of the most wonderful habits one can inculcate. It’s beneficial for not only kids but adults as well. Reading has several advantages and one must enjoy reading good books as and when possible. As parents, its our prime responsibility to inculcate this habit in our kids. This habit must be inculcated at a very tender age. Many children don’t enjoy reading because parents did not employ appropriate steps at the right time. But great thing with children is they are quick learner and if they find you interested in the things they are being taught, it becomes quite easy for them to develop same interests. However, reading is one habit that can not be developed overnight. It takes time and efforts from parents to get their kids interested in this habit. At the same time, once developed this great habit stays for a life time and more so children with reading habit are found to have great personality later on. It also increases their focus and concentration power apart from giving them several new things to ponder about.

When children start reading they also get tremendous help in sounds of various words. Children show amazing improvement in word meanings and word sound once they start consistent reading. Before preparing kids for reading habit, parents must create a reading environment at home. This can be done by giving utmost importance to books and reading habit. Always arrange the book neatly and the child will automatically grasp these things. He or she will also understand that these are valued things and they also need to give importance to it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Babies’ Sleep

The birth of a baby changes many things around. For parents, it’s a new journey altogether. Parents’ focus is always on new born baby. Thinking of it, right from the time parents get up in the morning to the time they go to bed, the baby is always in focus. Even during the sleep, parents have to take care of feeding, baby sleep, nappies etc. a newly born baby spends most of the time on sleeping. So parents must be very careful regarding how should a baby sleep and where should he/she sleep? Parents must not ignore this fact. Parents’ should try to make baby sleep on his back. It is always advisable to let the baby sleep on the back instead of stomach or side wise. However, if baby starts rolling on his own then it’s advisable to let him sleep in his preferred condition.

There is a term called SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) which is associated with child’s sleeping pattern. Parents should let the child sleep on the stomach because there are chances of his not getting enough oxygen and feeling suffocated. So let the child sleep on his back. The sleeping place of the babies should be in the same room of the parents. It’s not advisable to make baby sleep in separate room. Also, parents should not let baby sleep on the same bed because there are chances of baby getting suffocated or strangled between the parents. So make the baby sleep on a separate cot in the same room.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Teaching Kids to Swim

Swimming is one of the best exercises for not only kids but adults as well. It is said to be the best exercise for complete body. Swimming is a sport as well as an exercise which is extreme fun. Usually a person with substantial interest and practice of swimming is found to be fit and energetic compared to others. From a child’s point of view, he or she must be introduced to swimming at an early age. This will go a long way in keeping him fit and raring to go. This is a habit that will stick with him even when he grows up.

Swimming is very beneficial in maintaining the health of kids. It is also a fun which child as well as parents can enjoy. Parents need to use patience, support and guidance to encourage their child while teaching their child to swim. Parents should start the teaching process by making the child comfortable in water. In the initial stage, parents should try to hold kids on the side of swimming pool and then asking him to kick his legs in water. A grown up kid can effectively use kickboard which will be quite fun.

The next step is of teaching him to blow bubbles by keeping his face in water. This will make the kid used to keeping face in water and will also make him aware of how to keep water away from nose. Once blowing bubbles step is learned he can go for breath holding technique. Parents can show it themselves to kid by holding breath in water. Make sure to support your child by holding him properly. After that, its time to teach strokes. Once he is comfortable with strokes, start releasing your support slowly. Sooner than later, your kid will be ready to swim on his own.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Raising Twins

Parenting is a unique experience for any parents in terms of joy, pain, care, responsibility and many such things. Becoming parents require huge amount of patience and responsibility. It’s a life changing experience. Many parents find it overwhelming to handle one kid but imagine having twins! Double responsibility as well as double joy. It’s a matter of great joy parenting twins. But it can also be hugely demanding. Managing two babies simultaneously is going to be difficult for any parent. Imagine feeding one baby and trying to change diaper of another! Imagine trying to make one baby quiet and second baby starts crying. It can be frustrating and there is every chance that the parents just start finding it impossible to handle both babies together.

But then, pain and pleasure go together. Not many parents can claim to have this privilege of having twins. It makes you special as well as unique. In fact, from the Indian context, family, friends and even strangers look at you with awe when they see you handling both your babies. First few months are definitely going to be trying but after some time its just sheer joy. Parents need to maintain that balance of juggling acts between two babies. Once that balance is made and babies reach age of one or two parents will find it much simpler. As twins grow together life of parents also become easy and enjoyable. Twins are quite comfortable with each other and their togetherness helps them in good stead. They love to talk, share things, and do things together. They are also more flexible in adjusting with different things of society.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

TV and Your Child

The effect of television has long been a contentious issue. There are several opinions regarding advantages and disadvantages of watching TV. One topic which has continued to get attention is effect of television on children. It’s a known fact that, children are most loyal TV viewers. It’s a common sight to see kids coming back from school and immediately switching on TV and watching their favorite cartoons, serials and movies etc. teenagers and adults change their taste with age but children just can’t stop watching idiot box.

Watching too much of television is never a good thing especially for children. The growing phase of kids is better spent avoiding too much of TV viewing. Watching more than appropriate can restrict development of kids’ brain. It can also affect his personality behavior and interactions with siblings. A child addicted to TV is very prone to physical and health hazards. The other possibilities are less playing time, increased shyness and affected homework.

Children who spend more time watching TV are very prone to over-eating and overweight problems. Violence and lewd acts shown on idiot box can also affect mind of child in a negative way. Children are also prone to learn bad habits like smoking, drinking and abusive language from watching more TV. However, few good things can also be learned from watching TV. Like, kids can learn colors, alphabets and numbers. Children will also be well informed of latest happenings around the world. TV is also a wonderful form of entertainment and several channels provide knowledge in all departments from which children can greatly benefit.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Child and Body Awareness

Parents have several responsibilities. Right from the realization that the mother is pregnant, the roles and responsibilities of both parents increase manifold. Once the kid is born and starts growing up there is this responsibility of making him or her learn. Most often than not, a child learns language relatively easily because it comes naturally to him. But when it comes to learning about body parts, it gets slightly difficult for the child. It is also important for parents to have patience when child is in the learning process. Awareness of body parts can be done in a more fun an entertaining way. This way even the kid won’t find it troublesome and parents will also be relived.

There are several ways to make the kid learn body parts. One of them is using face puzzles. He is surely going to enjoy it and will soon identify all the face parts. Once he is comfortable with face parts, parents can move to complete body parts. While doing this, parents must ensure that the child is naming each and every part properly. Another educative and entertaining way is by making the child stand in front of the mirror. Once he/she is there, parents should name and identify each and every body part and then let him repeat it. That way, he will be able to differentiate between each and every body parts.

Other entertaining but helpful methods can be missing feature and using dolls. Each kids love to dress dolls, parents can help them in dressing dolls by naming each and every body part. Exercising method is also very interesting where child would learn to name each body part for whom he is exercising. Drawing is another nice method.