Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Importance of Reading

We all are aware of importance of reading as a hobby as well as habit. Reading is one of the most wonderful habits one can inculcate. It’s beneficial for not only kids but adults as well. Reading has several advantages and one must enjoy reading good books as and when possible. As parents, its our prime responsibility to inculcate this habit in our kids. This habit must be inculcated at a very tender age. Many children don’t enjoy reading because parents did not employ appropriate steps at the right time. But great thing with children is they are quick learner and if they find you interested in the things they are being taught, it becomes quite easy for them to develop same interests. However, reading is one habit that can not be developed overnight. It takes time and efforts from parents to get their kids interested in this habit. At the same time, once developed this great habit stays for a life time and more so children with reading habit are found to have great personality later on. It also increases their focus and concentration power apart from giving them several new things to ponder about.

When children start reading they also get tremendous help in sounds of various words. Children show amazing improvement in word meanings and word sound once they start consistent reading. Before preparing kids for reading habit, parents must create a reading environment at home. This can be done by giving utmost importance to books and reading habit. Always arrange the book neatly and the child will automatically grasp these things. He or she will also understand that these are valued things and they also need to give importance to it.

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