Saturday, February 28, 2009

Developing Reading Habit in Your Child

Those parents with good collection of books should always go for a small library at home. Make a book shelf and arrange it properly. Developing the habit of reading in kids will take a thorough approach on your behalf. Try starting with making this habit as a part of your routine. For that, you can always keep aside some time when you sit down with your child and try to explore stories in the book. If your child loves bedtime stories, then nothing like that. Hand him/her the book and try to teach them about how to turn the page. Also while telling a story, make sure to present all the colorful images from the story given in the book. Make sure to spell out words clearly and correctly. Also, never go too fast. Keep it slow and tell the child, meaning of the words he does not understands. This will keep him interested and will also enhance the vocabulary.

Always try to accompany your child during reading session. Correct his mistakes but be very very patient. One of the best ways to make your kid interested in reading is by bringing home books with fantasies stories. Kids just love fantasy stories. Try reading along with the kid and narrate the story. Always encourage child to develop his own style of narration. Never try to impose your preferred style. You can also use audio books. Along with the book reading session, play the audio version and make sure to help the child in reading in sync with spoken words. Following all these steps will surely make your child a better reader and this habit is going to stay with him for the rest of his life.

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