Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Foster Parenting

Foster parenting is quite tough considering the circumstances surrounding it. It is challenging but noble as well. Foster parenting is a way to face new challenges and find rewards in it. Parenting has always remained a difficult but satisfying task. But compared to biological parents, foster parents face extra pressure and need to be at their best while handling kids. Foster kids are often abandoned or have unpleasant history and that is the reason why they face initial problems in trusting people. These kids are also quite vulnerable. Foster parents need to be very careful. They also have to provide safe anchorage to the child.

One of the basic criteria for foster parents is to spend quality time with the child. The time well spent goes a long way in establishing connectivity and increases closeness. Deeper the bond, easier it becomes for the child to trust and share his feelings. Even small things like completing household chores together or working in the lawn can cultivate closeness. Kids will grow in a better way if there is no unnecessary usage of authority. Don’t force your decision. Let the trust be built initially and if you want them to follow you it should be done in loving tone. Exhibiting excessive authority will result in revolt or even lifelong repulse towards the parents.

Foster parents need to follow child’s development very closely. That will help in understanding his needs and requirements. The best way is to find out the gap and fill the void created by previous parents. Parents should also try to have open discussion with the child. Good conversation helps in bridging the gap and established wonderful relationship.