Friday, December 18, 2009

Toddler Discipline

It is always a proud moment for parents to hold their beautiful baby in their hands. What a joy it gives! Children are no doubt, little wonders of nature. Your child makes you complete. Everything about them is fascinating and touches your heart. Right from that innocent smile, incredulous eyes to cute voice, they surely win us over. We all like to see our kids grow in full might. They must get all the happiness of the world and they be successful. That’s what we wish for the kids. But parents need to create the foundation for the future well fare of the kids. A child must be given right platform to grow on mental, psychological and physical levels. Successes of life require discipline. It is an important parental job to lay the foundation stone of discipline for toddlers.

The most important thing is the art of saying no to the kids. Parents who say yes to kids tend to suffer more when children grow up. This habit will instill discipline in kids and will make them aware about their limitations. It should be done gently and firmly without using any violence. Most of the parents can’t see their kids in any sort of inconvenience and discomfort. That is quite natural. But at the same time, make him aware of his responsibilities. Don’t give into his all his unfair demands. Children often do irritating activities. In such cases, it is best to ignore them. Try to distract them from unwisely actions. Prevention is always better than cure. Start discipline methods from early age and your kid will do just fine. Finally try to be consistent in your behaviour.