Thursday, October 30, 2008

Art and Child

A child must be introduced to the magical world of arts. Not that, he or she should be forced to take any particular form of art but depending upon his choice and inclination kids must be encouraged to let their imaginations go wild. It not only helps in increasing self confidence but also improves creativity. Art is often used to get rid of boredom and stress. For example, if a child is sitting idle and getting irritated, the best way is to encourage him to doodle. It’s an effective solution to his boredom. We can expect a miraculous art work from a kid but no one is born genius. Let the kid go wild with his creative imagination. Provide him with sufficient art material and let him draw whatever he or she is willing to. It would be better if parent is sitting alongside the kid and drawing as well. This way, child will get extra motivation and parent will get to spend quality time with kid.

There are several media available for the kids to discover and indulge in his artistic side. Let’s take painting for example. A kid can be encouraged to play with pastels initially. With the passage of time he can switch to water colors. If he is found to be interested in painting, parents can encourage him to go for oil paintings. Also push him for out of the box thinking. Encourage him to indulge in any form of paintings through whatever means. Let him draw whatever he wants to and with any color combination. A kid can also play around pot painting or dough and similar activities.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vegetable Juices for Child’s Health

A child’s health is of paramount importance for any parent. Parents should always check whether their kids appear listless or tired and always low on energy. If that is the case, that’s a sign of trouble. It has often been seen that, most of the kids while still in their early age are always active, running all around and having fun. But when the same kids reach adolescence, lethargy sets in and they don’t appear active any more. In fact, they just try to hang around, chatting, or eating or plain sleeping all day. So, what’s the solution? My answer will be lots of vegetable juices. It’s magical the way it builds a child’s health and increases his or her energy level. Vegetables are loaded with anti oxidants and nutrients, are unprocessed, and are great for health. Normally, kids don’t prefer vegetables that much. In those cases, vegetable juices are of great help.

Vegetable juice is quickly perishable, so care must be given to drink it drink it immediately after juicing the vegetables. A child should be given different types of vegetables on an alternate basis. If he is drinking same juice every day, he might get fed up of it and secondly it’s medically recommended to rotate the juice diet. That provides balance in the diet. Another recommendation is mixing pulp with juice. Pulp provides much needed fiber and roughage. Vegetable juices are not known for fat and protein. So the child should also keep getting his protein from other sources besides good indian recipes.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Homework of Children- Solution

The solution of homework of children should begin with deciding upon a specific time to complete homework every day. Parents on their part should make sure that they are present at that particular time so they could be of any help whenever needed.

Parents must always encourage their children. There is no point discouraging kids on things like homework. They should also not be compared with other kids at any costs. Children need to be praised for their hard work and sincere efforts. They should also try to present examples by relating different aspects of study. Like, if the kid is doing good in exams, they must be remind him or her that its their proper work with homework that has got them good result in the exams. Children’s achievements should always be applauded at every possible moment.

Parents should keep a close eye on tests schedule of the children and plan accordingly. They are also supposed to help their kids in organizing their schedules and homework.

Many children create problems like, tantrums, anger, whining. In those conditions parents shouldn’t try to assert their authority. Try to serene your kids. Or better still leave him alone or indulge in some other light activities. Insisting on homework completion at that very moment should be avoided.

Parents should always keep themselves interested in child’s homework help. At no point, child should get the message that his homework is source of continuous strain for their parents.

Teach your children the virtues of completing homework properly and not cheating. Build his self-esteem through various motivation techniques and methods.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Homework of Children- The Problems

One of the scariest thought for a kid is doing his or her homework. In fact, it’s a nightmare for both parents and children. In this hugely competitive world, children are saddled with extreme pressure in each and every aspect of life since their early days. They are expected to be super intelligent and equally good at other extra curricular activities at the same time. It’s really tough for them to manage all their work pressure plus the required time for sports. Generally, its not an exciting thought for kids to complete their homework but then they don’t have a choice given the conditions they are living in.

Many parents particularly office going ones, also suffer from homework phobia. Even after a hard day of work, they have to come back and sit with their kids and help them in finishing their home works. The other problem they face is, the problems they are required to face while solving questions have long been forgotten by them so it gets even more irritating and tiresome for them. But they don’t have a choice because children need their parents in solving problems.

Children tend to throw tantrums the moment you mention homework. This dreaded word makes even most obedient and disciplined child run for covers and finding some obscure excuses. It’s a common sight to see kids faking illness, making faces, getting angry and agitated when it comes to doing his homework. The point is workload has definitely increased drastically for those innocent kids. Parental expectations, peer pressure etc are driving them crazy. They are simply unable to cope up with this increasing pressure.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Child and Music

Music does wonders. Science research often tell us about magical effects of music and how fruitful is, using music as a treatment tool. So how about, letting our children learn a few tricks of this divine thing! Most kids are fascinated by musical instruments. Few like to play violin, few others with guitar and few more with piano or Tabla or some other instrument. It’s always advisable to allow your children to learn any musical instrument. So many kids are willing to learn an instrument and the least we can do is to help them with learning. It is also believed that music has been the origin of several traditional Sanskrit and Indian baby names .

One of the known scientific fact is most of the children are born as average and not as geniuses. One definition of genius is, they learn faster than others. Learning is not a difficult thing. Anyone can but speed of learning differs from person to person. Making a child learn some musical instrument helps him in learning fast in other aspects of life as well. Considered as an able tool of increasing child’s intelligence, allowing a child to learn music does wonders for him. It helps in kid’s problem solving ability, thinking pattern and above all his logical reasoning ability.

Learning music or instrument also helps a kid in his or her social skills. It enhances confidence among his peers. A musical performance boosts child’s self esteem as well. It will also keep his busy in a creative pursuit. Lastly, music having a soothing effect, will also help a child in relieving his stress during school days.