Friday, February 12, 2010

Encouraging your Child

Parenting is a great responsibility. All the parents try to provide best of care, love, concern and affection to their kids so that they have the best possible lives. Parents also ensure to prepare children in such a way that they can handle all the challenges thrown by life. Parents need to make sure that the child has enough self-confidence and self-esteem to face obstacles standing in his way. Some of the other important factors are accepting the child they way he is and not trying to mould each and every aspect of his personality as per our desires.

While building up a child’s personality, it is imperative to follow proper discipline techniques. The rules regarding discipline must be consistent and parents should let the children know what are the reasonable expectations from them. One factor hugely affects the way a child grows up. It is the way we are praising or criticizing him. Mind it, there is a very fine line between criticism and being negative.

Parents should try to ensure that child is being nurtured in a positive environment. Negative criticism can adversely affect child’s psychology. Talking it out in a cool and calm manner is much better way than simply making sarcastic comments or criticizing kids in front of other people. Many parents don’t praise child for the good deeds performed by them. Praise is a wonderful form of encouragement. It needs not to be done only if child achieves something big. It could also be for small things like cleaning his room, completing his homework on time or helping mom in the kitchen etc.

There are always some admirable qualities in any kid and parents must recognize these and encourage those positive traits. Qualities could be honesty, organization skills, humor, neatness or social skills etc. Try looking for his positive traits and encourage it by complimenting him every now and then. This will tremendously help child in building his self-esteem.