Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is Your Child Computer Savvy?

Computers have started to play a very important role in our lives. They are wonderful educational tools. Parents should try to familiarize their children with the computer. Enrolling your kid to computer classes is one option but there are other options also that you can try at home. For instance, teaching use of word processor can be quite easy. Everyone needs to have a basic knowledge of word processor. Parents should show kids how to open and save files and delete words, and let them figure out the rest. Child can be encouraged to keep a personal diary on the computer. Give him a reason to experiment with MS Word.

Parents should encourage child to keep in touch with friends and relatives by email. We all know how important and preferred mode of communication email has become. A child will need to learn emailing sooner than later. Teach him how to send birthday cards or write a letter through email. He will also enjoy the process.

To make computer learning more interesting, introduce your child to different games. However, keep an eye on time limits. Outdoor sports are far healthier but you can introduce your kids to play mind games like Chess and Scrabble, or general games of skill like Packman. Help him to find general knowledge sites which will prove very beneficial in his studies. Bookmark few sites that offer interesting mind games and contests. Encourage him to participate in interesting games. Keep an eye on violent sports and adult sites. You can block such sites with the help of different software.