Monday, October 26, 2009

Activities for Autistic Children

Autistic children face a lot of problems in social skills activities. Unlike normal children, they face problems in acquiring the natural ability to interact and communicate with others that other children possess. To teach social activity skills, parents need to go for deliberate treatments and interventions. Don’t try to take all the essential steps in one go. Parents should rather focus on dividing these steps into small ones that become much more achievable that way. Patience is the key word here that parents must possess while dealing with autistic children. It is known fact that autistic children don’t respond positively to coercion.

One of the best tools for imparting social skills in autistic children is by telling them stories. By telling stories that relate to a specific kind of instruction, children are better prepared to learn communication abilities. This approach is quite successful as it focuses upon the process of child using his own skills and strengths.

The other set of activities is relational activities that refer to reinforcement of object permanence in autistic kids. This way, autistic child learns to reference other people's faces. Some of the activities that parents can opt for are, reading, modeling, board games, face games, musical instruments etc. these are interactive activities. These activities teach child listening skills, visual stimulation and other different skills.

Autistic children must be brought in touch with other children so that they learn to develop some communication abilities. Just simple childhood games will serve the purpose.