Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vegetable Juices for Child’s Health

A child’s health is of paramount importance for any parent. Parents should always check whether their kids appear listless or tired and always low on energy. If that is the case, that’s a sign of trouble. It has often been seen that, most of the kids while still in their early age are always active, running all around and having fun. But when the same kids reach adolescence, lethargy sets in and they don’t appear active any more. In fact, they just try to hang around, chatting, or eating or plain sleeping all day. So, what’s the solution? My answer will be lots of vegetable juices. It’s magical the way it builds a child’s health and increases his or her energy level. Vegetables are loaded with anti oxidants and nutrients, are unprocessed, and are great for health. Normally, kids don’t prefer vegetables that much. In those cases, vegetable juices are of great help.

Vegetable juice is quickly perishable, so care must be given to drink it drink it immediately after juicing the vegetables. A child should be given different types of vegetables on an alternate basis. If he is drinking same juice every day, he might get fed up of it and secondly it’s medically recommended to rotate the juice diet. That provides balance in the diet. Another recommendation is mixing pulp with juice. Pulp provides much needed fiber and roughage. Vegetable juices are not known for fat and protein. So the child should also keep getting his protein from other sources besides good indian recipes.

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