Friday, October 17, 2008

Homework of Children- Solution

The solution of homework of children should begin with deciding upon a specific time to complete homework every day. Parents on their part should make sure that they are present at that particular time so they could be of any help whenever needed.

Parents must always encourage their children. There is no point discouraging kids on things like homework. They should also not be compared with other kids at any costs. Children need to be praised for their hard work and sincere efforts. They should also try to present examples by relating different aspects of study. Like, if the kid is doing good in exams, they must be remind him or her that its their proper work with homework that has got them good result in the exams. Children’s achievements should always be applauded at every possible moment.

Parents should keep a close eye on tests schedule of the children and plan accordingly. They are also supposed to help their kids in organizing their schedules and homework.

Many children create problems like, tantrums, anger, whining. In those conditions parents shouldn’t try to assert their authority. Try to serene your kids. Or better still leave him alone or indulge in some other light activities. Insisting on homework completion at that very moment should be avoided.

Parents should always keep themselves interested in child’s homework help. At no point, child should get the message that his homework is source of continuous strain for their parents.

Teach your children the virtues of completing homework properly and not cheating. Build his self-esteem through various motivation techniques and methods.

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