Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Homework of Children- The Problems

One of the scariest thought for a kid is doing his or her homework. In fact, it’s a nightmare for both parents and children. In this hugely competitive world, children are saddled with extreme pressure in each and every aspect of life since their early days. They are expected to be super intelligent and equally good at other extra curricular activities at the same time. It’s really tough for them to manage all their work pressure plus the required time for sports. Generally, its not an exciting thought for kids to complete their homework but then they don’t have a choice given the conditions they are living in.

Many parents particularly office going ones, also suffer from homework phobia. Even after a hard day of work, they have to come back and sit with their kids and help them in finishing their home works. The other problem they face is, the problems they are required to face while solving questions have long been forgotten by them so it gets even more irritating and tiresome for them. But they don’t have a choice because children need their parents in solving problems.

Children tend to throw tantrums the moment you mention homework. This dreaded word makes even most obedient and disciplined child run for covers and finding some obscure excuses. It’s a common sight to see kids faking illness, making faces, getting angry and agitated when it comes to doing his homework. The point is workload has definitely increased drastically for those innocent kids. Parental expectations, peer pressure etc are driving them crazy. They are simply unable to cope up with this increasing pressure.

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