Sunday, January 18, 2009

Raising Twins

Parenting is a unique experience for any parents in terms of joy, pain, care, responsibility and many such things. Becoming parents require huge amount of patience and responsibility. It’s a life changing experience. Many parents find it overwhelming to handle one kid but imagine having twins! Double responsibility as well as double joy. It’s a matter of great joy parenting twins. But it can also be hugely demanding. Managing two babies simultaneously is going to be difficult for any parent. Imagine feeding one baby and trying to change diaper of another! Imagine trying to make one baby quiet and second baby starts crying. It can be frustrating and there is every chance that the parents just start finding it impossible to handle both babies together.

But then, pain and pleasure go together. Not many parents can claim to have this privilege of having twins. It makes you special as well as unique. In fact, from the Indian context, family, friends and even strangers look at you with awe when they see you handling both your babies. First few months are definitely going to be trying but after some time its just sheer joy. Parents need to maintain that balance of juggling acts between two babies. Once that balance is made and babies reach age of one or two parents will find it much simpler. As twins grow together life of parents also become easy and enjoyable. Twins are quite comfortable with each other and their togetherness helps them in good stead. They love to talk, share things, and do things together. They are also more flexible in adjusting with different things of society.

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