Sunday, January 4, 2009

Child and Body Awareness

Parents have several responsibilities. Right from the realization that the mother is pregnant, the roles and responsibilities of both parents increase manifold. Once the kid is born and starts growing up there is this responsibility of making him or her learn. Most often than not, a child learns language relatively easily because it comes naturally to him. But when it comes to learning about body parts, it gets slightly difficult for the child. It is also important for parents to have patience when child is in the learning process. Awareness of body parts can be done in a more fun an entertaining way. This way even the kid won’t find it troublesome and parents will also be relived.

There are several ways to make the kid learn body parts. One of them is using face puzzles. He is surely going to enjoy it and will soon identify all the face parts. Once he is comfortable with face parts, parents can move to complete body parts. While doing this, parents must ensure that the child is naming each and every part properly. Another educative and entertaining way is by making the child stand in front of the mirror. Once he/she is there, parents should name and identify each and every body part and then let him repeat it. That way, he will be able to differentiate between each and every body parts.

Other entertaining but helpful methods can be missing feature and using dolls. Each kids love to dress dolls, parents can help them in dressing dolls by naming each and every body part. Exercising method is also very interesting where child would learn to name each body part for whom he is exercising. Drawing is another nice method.

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