Saturday, January 10, 2009

TV and Your Child

The effect of television has long been a contentious issue. There are several opinions regarding advantages and disadvantages of watching TV. One topic which has continued to get attention is effect of television on children. It’s a known fact that, children are most loyal TV viewers. It’s a common sight to see kids coming back from school and immediately switching on TV and watching their favorite cartoons, serials and movies etc. teenagers and adults change their taste with age but children just can’t stop watching idiot box.

Watching too much of television is never a good thing especially for children. The growing phase of kids is better spent avoiding too much of TV viewing. Watching more than appropriate can restrict development of kids’ brain. It can also affect his personality behavior and interactions with siblings. A child addicted to TV is very prone to physical and health hazards. The other possibilities are less playing time, increased shyness and affected homework.

Children who spend more time watching TV are very prone to over-eating and overweight problems. Violence and lewd acts shown on idiot box can also affect mind of child in a negative way. Children are also prone to learn bad habits like smoking, drinking and abusive language from watching more TV. However, few good things can also be learned from watching TV. Like, kids can learn colors, alphabets and numbers. Children will also be well informed of latest happenings around the world. TV is also a wonderful form of entertainment and several channels provide knowledge in all departments from which children can greatly benefit.

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