Friday, April 10, 2009

Parents’ Responsibility towards Daughter

Having a daughter is great blessing as well as a matter of concern for many parents. Daughters are always considered as a great responsibility. Though, the situation has improved a lot in urban parts of India but a lot needs to be done to improve the current situation. Talking about daughters parents have a great role to play in their development. Many households still don’t give that importance to the study of daughters thinking that no matter what they study, once they are married their husband will take care of them. Yes, this might come true and many girls manage to find such husbands who will always cherish the relationship and love her immensely but what if dreams don’t come true.

No matter how much parents feel protective about their daughters, the future holds no promises. Parents can not protect their daughters for the rest of their lives so it’s better to make them strong and courageous. Daughters should be given strength and taught how to overcome all the obstacles in the journey of life. The basic of this lesson should start with education. Providing their daughters with best possible education should be the most important priority of any parents. Never ever assume that the knowledge she has acquired after years of schooling and college will go waste after her marriage. Having a sound knowledge and proper degree always act as a strong back up. So studies should always be given top most priority in your daughter’s life.

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