Monday, September 14, 2009

Sponge Bath for Babies

It must have been the best feeling you ever had; holding your bundle of joy in your hand. After all the troubles of pregnancy and obviously difficult delivery, finally you are blessed with a baby and no feeling can ever beat that. A baby so delicate that mother often feels scared of her vulnerability. In such condition, giving baby a bath poses some questions. But a baby being a baby does not need to be bathed on a regular basis and no better way than giving her a sponge bath. Ideally, a baby must be given sponge bath twice a week. The purpose is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene factor.

Mothers are bound to face problems initially but sooner or later, they will adjust to it and will effectively learn how to give baby a sponge bath. Start with turning off all the fans and air conditioner because a baby with bare body will require heat. Don’t take much time while giving baby the bath. Keep all the required things near to you including baby shampoo, baby towel, sponge, warm water and washcloth. Don’t forget to keep diaper and clothes nearby. The temperature of water should be slightly warm and make sure to check it before you start the bathing action. Don’t expose all the body parts of the baby and keep other parts covered with towel. Don’t take too much time and finish the work as soon as possible. Don’t put pressure on any body part and don’t apply too much soap. Do everything gently and now cuddle up your fresh baby.

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