Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sprouts in Your Child’s Diet

One of the nutritional food items is sprouts. According to scientists, sprout is one of the perfect foods for any individual. It is not only healthy but nutritional also. Sprouts contain axinon that is extremely beneficial for human body. There are several reasons why one should munch sprouted beans and seeds. The common factor is nutritional value of sprouts. But a less known fact is nutritional value of sprout is many times higher than the nutrition value of the original beans and seeds from which they sprout. Surprisingly, dried peas contain no Vitamin C but when they are sprouted they are known to provide more Vitamin C per ounce than a fresh orange! Isn’t that astonishing? Sprouts have better nutritional and health value than cooked foods and they also help in preventing several ailments.

Sprouts are quite easy to prepare. All you need to do is to soak the beans overnight or for a couple of days and that’s it. You don’t need any other thing for preparing sprouts. They contain anti-carcinogenic properties and are considered extremely potent cancer-fighting properties. Sprouts are available all over the world and there is no big fuss about their availability. One can also cook them with his own set of spices.

Sprouts are quite cost efficient and come very easy on your pockets. They are must for your growing kids as they will have more Vitamin C, Protein and B-complex. Kids must be fed sprouts on a regular basis. It will help in boosting their immunity and their health as well. Parents must ensure to incorporate sprouts in the child’s diet.

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