Friday, March 20, 2009

Mother’s recipes for children

Why is it that we Indians lure for that special ‘maa ke haath ka khana’? It is because of the love that mothers add to the dish. Mothers’ recipes offer a great variety of tastes and flavors. Indian recipes have an incredible array of fresh vegetable good for children. Indian recipes involve ingredients that are good for your child’s health. However, traditional Indian vegetarian recipes sometimes require too much oil, butter or ghee which can be a cause of obesity in young children.

Indian food is usually full of spices, herbs and flavors. Tasty, easy and nutritious Indian vegetarian recipes can surely offer one lip smacking variety of dishes. Chutneys, pickles, and other snacking item are surely very delicious to ones taste buds. But along with that let children also have important nutritious food like fruits and nuts. South Indian recipes like idlis and dosas are not that spicy but as one moves towards the north, the food tends to get spicier. Children should be made to taste all kinds of cuisines.

Milk and milk products like paneer (cottage cheese), curds and buttermilk are also an integral part in the Indian recipes and this are great for children because it helps them in their growth. Indian dishes surely make children’s mouth watery with its authentic and scrumptious recipes. Truly, there is no better food than eating what mother prepares for her children. It is one of the best joys that you can have as a child.

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