Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Single parenting

Parenting is a tough job. It’s a big responsibility for both parents. Now think of responsibility and pressure faced by a single parent. The status of single parent is a Herculean act to follow considering the amount of extra responsibilities and work load. Single parenting is often a result of death of the spouse or separation or divorce. But then, one can not shirk from responsibilities of parenting.

A single parent has to face several issues but al the issues have solutions. Take for example decision making problems. Several aspects concerning the kid need to be decided including his or her education, accommodation, hostel or traveling. A single parent must try to open his/her heart to trusted relatives while taking such decisions. Several worthwhile suggestions will come forth. Talking to separated spouse will also go a long way in solving such issues. A single parent also needs to take decision regarding emotional and physical needs of the kids. The parent must be willing to shoulder this huge responsibility with optimism and courage. Issues can range from school work, peer group, hygiene issues to punctuality and discipline. One way of sharing this responsibility is by talking to close trusted persons including grandparents or even maid servant. Think of the child’s bright future and parent will never find this responsibility cumbersome.

A single parent should also try to present a happy appearance to his/her kids. There should not be any hint of past bitterness or anger or frustration because that’s definite going to affect children adversely. Try to make a friendly relationship with kids. Also prepare yourself for social stigma of single parent status and give special care to your own health.

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