Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Parenting : Fundamental Guidelines

While parenting was never considered as an easy job, but following few fundamental guidelines always help a great deal in handling kids. A child needs to be handled with a mix of care, caution and essentially discipline. Sense of discipline must be instilled in a child right from the beginning. This will go a long way in shaping his future life. Few guidelines are;

Keep a strict check on television watching and recreation time. Children's company must also be thoroughly watched.

Children learn by their mistakes so allow them to grow and learn through the route of mistakes.

Expressing your love is equally important than loving someone. When parents express their love in form of hug and peck, it makes kids feel special.

It always pays to keep alcohol and drugs away from the house,. Children feel curious about these things and parents should either restrain from taking these or must keep them in moderation.

Always, always believe in your children and teach them to believe in themselves as well.

It is said that a child is the father of man. Humor aside, conversating properly with your children can teach a great deal. So, go ahead, have a chit-chat with your little angels.

Nothing is more pleasurable than maintaining a happy and loving home environment. Remember, a smile and love is always infectious.

Children always love to have company of their parents so it is only natural to give them a lot of your time to kids both quality and quantity.

Laughter and more so humor goes together well in strengthening the bond between parents and kids.

Always try to communicate gently. However, your communication should also be firm and clear.

Teach your kids importance of courage and dreams.

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