Sunday, March 30, 2008

Teaching Values and Ethics to Children

It is a great responsibility on parent’s shoulder to teach their kids values and ethics so that they grow up to be responsible moral citizen of the country. Teaching your child about these issues require patience. Kids may be tempted to do something that may be immoral or unethical. The idea is not to punish them but to make them understand how certain behavior is undesirable. As a parent, you should be able to control your temper and understand the mentality of your child.

Giving them love and respect along with teaching them good values can make your child a good individual. However, it is important that this process is started at an early age. Motivate your child to be honest, to respect elders, to be kind, to not steal and lie etc. As a parent you should follow what you preach. Being a good parent comes with certain responsibilities that you ought to follow.

Instilling core values in our children is necessary. Be it school or home, children need to understand good work ethics. Being an overtly strict parent can hamper your child’s growth. At the same time being extremely liberal also does not help. What is necessary is to become their role model. Children emulate to a great extent. So the key lies in being an ideal parent who practices what he/she preaches.

Children are continuously listening and watching what the surrounding offers them. Hence it should be the responsibility of every member in the family to teach good moral lessons to your children. Building strong character and moral values in your child helps to bring about inner security self-confidence in them.

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