Friday, April 4, 2008

When do Permanent Teeth Come in?

Ever seen a just born baby? Well, I have. Usually a baby has no teeth that you can see but the fact remains that the teeth have already started to form in the bones of the jaw. Sometimes, it makes me wonder how teethes grow in a human!

At around six to eight months, babies get their first teeth. They are usually the front two teeth on the lower side. After that, teeth come at regular interval. It takes around two and a half years to have all twenty teeth erupted.

Usually children during this stage tend to be more peevish. Parents associate such problems with this process of teething. Many kids even drool. A lot of parents also assume that raised temperature is a problem due to teething.

Primary teeth are important for both eating and appearance. Any child who has lots of decay in their baby teeth is likely to have the same problem with their permanent teeth unless their diet changes drastically.

The permanent teeth start to erupt around the age of six to eight. The first permanent molars which appear behind all the baby teeth also erupt at the time when the lower front two teethes start erupting. Then around the age of nine to twelve, they are followed by the premolars. The canines also appear at around the same time. Later the second molars start erupting at the age of eleven to thirteen. What is popularly known as the wisdom tooth appears later at the age of seventeen and later. Roots of the baby teeth are dissolved by the eruption of the permanent teeth to allow these permanent teeth to erupt. This happens with the baby teeth becoming loose and falling out.

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