Sunday, June 1, 2008

career selection

At first the child is burdened with the overloaded school bags, mounting tension of exams and the pressure of securing the rankers position in academics. Then arrives the crucial deciding year of life when the child is expected to decide his future. He is expected to choose his career plans. This is definitely a Herculean task for both the entities.

Parents hold numerous aspirations for their child and tend to force them onto them without actually comprehending the child’s capacity. Every child is gifted with special and specific talents which parents sometimes fail to recognize. This not only makes life miserable for the parent but makes a deep impact on the child’s psyche.
The child’s mind is fresh, ready to seep in knowledge from various sources and then make appropriate decisions for oneself; but when such parental pressures attack his mind, they act as hurdles in the path to accurate decision making.

The parent must gaze the aptitude of their child and then appropriately help the child the select their career plans instead of forcing them into a field which is away from their talent.

It often happens that the parents indulge into stereotyping of career opportunities. This occurs as they are unaware of the diverse career options available. The parents must acquire and absorb the knowledge of different streams and then present the choices available in front of their child.
Instead of pushing the child through the decision, parents must be a part of the process and help the child to make the best choice.

Selection of a career is a crucial task which should be handled with a lot of patience and intelligence. Since it is a make or break decision, both the entities must work in co-ordination throughout the process.

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