Monday, November 10, 2008

Child Adoption Issue

Adoption is relatively not so common event in India. It would not amount to exaggeration if we say that, it’s still a taboo subject in India. People often associate the term ‘adoption’ with infertility but that’s far from true. Even we look around us; a child is adopted only when a couple is unable to conceive a child. Most of these luckless couples are advised to go for adoption by contacting an orphanage or a social institution. But, like west, here also the view is slowly changing. Western world has witnessed great number of couples adopting a child even while they were having their own babies. Few of the main reasons guiding them are; self-satisfaction, contribution to society or even willingness to provide some company to their kids.

Few parents go for child adoption simply because they love kids. To a more conventional society like ours, that might seem a bit unrealistic but then; sometimes love for kids’ overrides all other emotions. Realizing the fact that, a child is orphan and we can provide them with needed love and stability, parents go for adoption. Similarly, sometimes, parents with own kids of same sex also go for child adoption. Suppose, if a couple already has two baby girls, they naturally feel desire of having a baby boy in order to give a complete look to their family. This is a major reason behind many parents going for child adoption in many parts of the world.
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