Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Child Safety

Parents need to ensure that their children are safe especially when they play out. Safety tips for parents when children play outside are: Do not let your child go out of the building compound without your permission. Warn your child not to play alone in isolated areas. Empty houses and construction areas should be avoided when playing.

Your child should memorize the address and the telephone number. Many children feel ashamed to say no to strangers. Make your child learn to say ‘no’. Also tell your child not to accept any kind of sweet or food material from any stranger. Teach your child traffic rules and symbols. Maintaining personal Safety at home is also an important factor. Do not talk to strangers on the phone. It is better not to encourage salesmen especially with children around. All the plugs should be beyond your child’s reach or should be kept covered. Do not allow your child to go anywhere close to the bathroom. Balcony doors should be kept shut. In case there are table fans at your house ensure that they are out of your child’s reach.

Maintaining safety is an important element in taking your child’s care. If as a parent you cannot devote extra attention to your child, then it is better to hire a caretaker. But again you have to make sure that the caretaker is genuine and credible enough. If possible hire a recommended caretaker. These are some of the safety tips that should be taken care of while upbringing your child.

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