Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Building Self-confidence in child- Conclusion

- Parents should ensure a certain time limit for watching television and playing computer games. These things tend to diminish social communication and conversation. Excess of these also make child aloof.

- Asking your kids to help in household chores and other works will make him feel wanted and important. He will also feel competent. Apart, a sense of partnership and responsibility also starts developing in child.

- Another crucial step is preparing a list of things your child is good at. Also create a list of the things he or she likes to do. Encourage the kid to create a list on his own. Afterwards, match the two lists and find if the kid has missed anything. If he has, make him aware that he is also good at other missed things as well. In hindsight, if parents have missed anything, they would be more aware in future.

- Whenever a child is starting a new thing, parents must encourage him or her. Support them, assure them of their capabilities, show them your confidence in them and you will be surprised with what they manage to achieve.

- Parents must push kids for extra-curricular activities like team sports, music lessons or art lessons. One of them may find his true calling or at least realize that he has got talent for certain activity. Apart, in the process he will meet new people and new kids and will learn new skill as well.

- At the same time parents should never doubt on their kids’ ability. Interfering in his work according to your way might not be such a good idea. Last but not the least a child should never be compared with other kids.

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