Thursday, September 11, 2008

Enhancing child’s IQ- Tools

Enhancing child’s intelligence quotient (IQ) should be parents’ top most priority. The competition is getting tough in today’s brutally competitive world and all parents must think of the way a child’s IQ should be focused upon right from the beginning. IQ plays a major role in future prospects of any person. There are several friendly and exciting ways to boost the IQ level of a kid. Few of them are;

Sleep cycle of a child is quite important factor in child’s proper development. It is recommended that a kid must get minimum of eight hours of sleep a day. Proper sleep ensures that child’s day time learning remains integrated in his brain cells. Improper sleep cycle adversely affects a child’s recall power.

Games; experts recommend chess for growing kids. It helps in activating brain cells and different moves and strategies used in the game gives children an idea about how to look at a particular problem from different perspectives. Chess being a strategy based game helps in making brain more flexible and pushes for more thinking using logical reasoning as well. Other benefits include, improved problem solving abilities, and critical reasoning abilities. Other recommended games are, solving puzzles and general knowledge, memory games etc. all these games improve memory of the kid apart from forces him to think quickly and ultimately helps in betterment of mental skills. Strategy games are also considered more suitable for kids because throw sudden moves whereas other normal skill games have a fixed pattern.

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