Sunday, August 24, 2008

Disciplining the child

It has been said that when a child is born his or her mind is like a blank slate. Thereafter, it becomes the responsibility of parents to fill that slate with best of everything whether it be, education, manners, learning, sanskaras and so many other things. It’s true that, when a kid grows up he or she is destined to create his own destiny but it must not be forgotten that parents create that special foundation for the kids upon which they carve their future. That takes us to the point of laying a strong foundation. One of the brick of this foundation is discipline mantra. A child must be taught the importance of discipline since his childhood. Because this is one of those important things which make a huge difference in what the kid actually becomes and turns out to be as a human and as a professional once he grows up.

Disciplining a child is a tough as well as delicate task. It must be done with proper care and thoughtfulness. There is a fine line between oppression and over indulgence. But in general, most parents make a mistake in while treading the path of discipline. First and foremost parents must be disciplined themselves and probably more than that they must act disciplined in front of their kids. Parents must set an example for their kids by following disciplined life themselves.

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