Sunday, August 31, 2008

Taking care of a child with special needs

Being a parent has never been less than a challenge for anyone who has experienced this phase, but we, who have perfectly normal children will probably weigh our worries a bit less, if we looked at those who have children with some kind of chronic illness or disability. When a child arrives, with an unexpected deformity or learning disability, it hurts parents, who have dreamt of bright, beautiful and perfect children. In such circumstances, it tends to be a big responsibility for both of the parents to not only handle their emotions, but also give special care to the child, which he/she rightly deserves.

There are several things that a parent of a special child should keep in mind. One should never compare the children. More than just taking care of the child, a parent needs to understand his/her child. One has to curb one’s dreams and adjust to the levels of the child. In these circumstances, independence can play a way of self awareness for the child, but at the same time discipline should not be overlooked. Another priority should be to communicate with the child in his/her own way of conversation, whether its slurred speech or hand gestures etc.

There will be times when the other siblings will feel left out, because parents will have no time left after taking care of the special child. Such cases test our tolerance, and stretch our limits to the fullest. But dealing with these negative energies and moving on is what makes a parent.

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