Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Few guidelines for parenting in public

Explaining the rules to kids in advance. So often kids tend to get stubborn for particular things. They must be informed in advance about how many toys or books or things like that, they would be allowed to have. Any further demand and it will be totally rejected.

Children have this uncanny habit of wanting to have attention at all times. One of the tip to tackle this is to make them feel involved in the decision making process. For example, if a family is out on a vacation in a place like esselworld or wonderland, children must be asked about their preference for rides or swimming. It will make them feel special that they are being asked about their choices and those will be followed.

Parents are advised to observe any signs of boredom or restlessness in their kids. Kids normally have a short attention span for any particular thing. So the moment, they are found bored, it is suggested to take them out for a break or for a little bit of chitchat.

Just like every normal person, kids also love to be complimented. It pays to compliment for every small good thing, howsoever small it may be. This is not only good for their self –esteem but also for overall feel good factor in their fragile psyche.

Finally kids must be treated with a mix of care, caution and firmness as and when required. Rules once explained must be followed at cost.

Following these guidelines definitely go long ways in laying the good foundation for good parenting skills.

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